Tips on cleaning a camera


A you  a camera lover just like me? Well, if you are a camera lover, you do not just learn how to shoot subjects and take great images. You also need to know how to clean your gadgets so they will last long. Here are some of my tips for you if you have a camera so that it will have a long lifespan.

  1. Clean regularly

Whenever you go out and use it, try to clean it afterwards to d off dirt and other foreign objects

  1. Buy the right tools in cleaning your camera. It can be a soft cloth, a brush or anything to clean you camera
  2. Store in right places. Do not just put it anywhere when you do not need it. Place it in a safe zone and in a nice box away from dirt—whether it is an instant, digital camera, or even a 360 grad kamera and drones.
  3. Keep away from sand, animals (because of their fur),and other foreign objects that might be stored in it deepest parts
  4. Always check their functions and address the problem immediately. Consult your local customer service so that the problem will be solved immediately do not wait till it is already too late.

Do you have other tips too I have not mentioned? Share them here!

Review: Wood Watch

I am reviewing my new watch because so far, it gives me good vibes. As you know I always review things on my blog—from clothes, to books, movies I recently saw, even kitche wares and make-up, beauty products and hair styling products. Almost everything that I use and purchase for my daily living. Even my newly bought condo! Well, I made a review about it and its amenities. So anyway, going back to reviewing my new watch. Well, it’s actually a wood watch. Yes, you read it right, ladies. I have a wood watch. This wood watch is made of fine, durable materials so  you will not be hesitant in using it everyday. It also has very good colors, which I highly commend its creators for being to bright in coming up with such hues. And it has uniwue designs you cannot see from other watches. I love how it perfectly fits all my get-ups or my ensemble and I do not need to collect other watch. I guess I need to buy more because it is really nice. I love it has different colors to suit my mood. And of course, I also love their excellent customer service. Well, all I can say is that you should also purchase a watch like this one. This is best wooden watches  ever. Guys, check it out now!

It’s A Happy Day

I just got promoted as manager in our company. Okay so i have been with the company for almost six years already and I was promoted by our team leader as manager. He announced it last night during our party and I was really shocked to know that somehow they saw my hard work and obedience with company.

As they announced my promotion as manager to our department, my team leader named Rebecca also handed me a gift. When I opened it last night, i was shocked to see a couple of  Zegarki wooden watches with my name and the name of the company on it and I was really happy to receive it. I started with the company as a sales person. I was an agent and I did hit the targets they give me. After two years I was promoted as an executive assistant to the marketing manager and now I am on my way to being the manager. I am really thank you for my boss how saw all the work that I have done in the company. I pride myself for completing jobs tasked for me and the projects I also accomplished. I once accomplished a marketing campaign for some international clients and they were happy with the result, which also led to our company landing more clients due to referrals and their trusts.


Investing on the skin

I think Vitamin c serum for face is about as close to perfect as it gets. It smells great and works well! Not to mention, there is also the fact that your skin will be moist all the time, if you’ll never have to worry about dry skin anymore, your skin will be soft and shining and he’ll be totally rejuvenated. Many people coming cluding myself, who used this serum haven’t had skin that is this vibrant and Youthful and wonderful and such a long time, and that is really saying something, and it is saying something important. Not to mention the fact that their 90-day money-back guarantee adds so much confidence, for someone like me who is naturally skeptical, the fact that I could go 80 days, not see any kind of change, and then get my full money-back shows me that this is a company that has a lot of faith and confidence in the effectiveness of their product and not some get-rich-quick scam from a hippy dippy organic person or something, you know what I mean. Yes this is something that I think is very important, and it’s something that I am very invested in, and I actually recommend these guys to all of my friends all the time, because I think that it is literally good for anybody. So you can use it at the daytime or the night time, it is based out of of almost completely antioxidant based face serum, vitamin C serum for the face, and it also, this is the part that actually gets under-represented I think it actually protects you from things like ultraviolet rays and pollution and all sorts of different environmental factors.  Yep, it would be very difficult to get any closer to reaching perfection as a skin cream than this one manages to do with relative ease.



Wearing a protection

I know that there are a lot of methods, I know a lot of people who deal with Crystal healing who believes that you have to locate your chakras and put the crystal to each of those for an immense amount of time, or even a brief amount of time, rubbing the crystal into that specific spot, and that’s not how I do it, but I do know a lot of people who I respect who believe that it should be done that way. The good thing is, that if you are just wearing it on a chain or a necklace, I feel these things happen organically, and you don’t have to make such a big deal out of it. The second that you begin to be very mindful of the fact that you’re trying to heal, I do believe that less healing actually occurs. Beautiful thing about wearing a crystals or some kind of healing necklace or bracelet is that sometimes you are able to forget that you are wearing it, and the healing can just happen organically, because the energy field is B enhanced in such a positive way from the presence of the aura of the healing mineral. In my opinion, there is no debate that chakras exist, and that they should be tapped into, the signs continuously disputes the fact that chakras and energies beyond our comprehension can actually exist. See, I think this is where science falls into ignorance, in an unhealthy way. There is no better way to approach buying Cancer survivor gifts.

Why I Love Shopping with Amazon Prime

Honestly, right now, Amazon Prime Canada is offering a 30-day Prime trial, which is completely free, and you’ll be cancelled at any time, after that, Amazon Prime is only $79 a year, which is very interesting. Honestly, if you are someone who orders a lot of things from Amazon, or anything at all, I really do think that your Amazon Prime membership will end up paying dividends in your life, and creating all sorts of value in places that you never thought there would even be the opportunity for excess value.Now, obviously you’re paying it $79 a year fee, but if you order enough, you start ordering so much value. Like, think about it. That value just keeps accruing, the more that you shop on Amazon Prime, and Amazon Prime makes it so convenient to shop with them. Honestly, there’s nothing that isn’t convenient about it. Rather than going all the way to a store or anything like that, you can have free 2-day shipping, free same day or one day delivery in many areas as well. Not to mention, you get twitch Prime, Amazon Originals which are series that are streamed on their Netflix like service. Honestly there’s just nothing like Amazon Prime Canada on the internet right now, and I am not even over exaggerating. You get early access to Deals, you get deals that you would never get if you want an Amazon Prime member, and you get unlimited photo storage. Rather than just being an online book seller like Amazon used to be, Amazon Prime’s evolving into a one-size-fits-all megashop that is completely based online, and can bring you the goods you need sometimes within a day. Isn’t that amazing.

Using the filter app

I do think that cell phones and mobile devices are at such a state of quality right now that come with the right filter and editing skills, almost any photo can look just as creatively valid as something taken from a highly Superior camera. Depending of course on the definition, etc.


Seriously, I don’t know what’s next, in terms of the role of the Filter app in photography technology and mobile devices. However, I can say that, as someone who is pretty enthusiastic about this field, I am pretty excited about the newest developments that continue to grow out of this field. I think that is really special. I think that it’s kind of amazing, as a matter of fact. And to tell you the truth, I think that I am excited by the fact that more and more people are becoming photographers and creating images– a lot of people I know cannot say the same. Many of the folks I know, as a matter of fact, are really upset, because they think the market is becoming oversaturated. They think that there are too many photos on the web, and they think that there should be restrictions, that people should not be given tools to create even more. I got upset with this point of view, because I don’t think that anyone should be more entitled to space on the internet then others. It’s not like the internet is some kind of finite Resource, as a matter of fact, as far as we know, there is  absolutely unlimited storage on the cloud.

Stress and Traffic

Stress is one of the main villains that affect every individual’s health condition. It is a negative feeling that people experience under pressure. Its source can be traced from physical, mental, emotional and even environmental factors that we encounter daily.

Despite the unavoidable truths about stress—especially while on the road–the answer is already in our fingertips. Here are simple and attainable suggestions that will help you bounce back to a healthier and positive you while being on the road.

Know your stress enemies

Examining yourself is a great start towards overcoming stress. You can list down all the possible factors that challenged you throughout the day. From then, you can determine what triggers your stress and eventually find simple solutions to turn the tables around. If you are keen enough, having a daily stress list can help monitoryour personal stress enemies. You may even categorize each factors depending on how you will solve them later on.

Always remember to be honest in determining your own stress factors to be able to obtain honest results when solutions are made.

Keep a smile handy

Smile and do not let traffic and annoyance beat you. It may not always be smooth-sailing but slowly learn to practice finding simple happiness from a bad hair day. Find lessons from not-so-good encounter. There is always a rainbow that  will come out in every bad or tiring situation. You just have to arm yourself with high hope, happy disposition and a handy-dandy smile.

Use an electric scooter

Unu Motors will help you with this. It shall give you convenience and a comfy ride (whether you are the driver or a rider). It will also save you so much effort, money, time, and resources which you can use to other things. Using an alternative way for transportation, more than cars and cabs, might just give you something that is more positive for your city living.

A Simple Man Deserve An Exquisite Gift

Well, it’s crunch time. I don’t have very much time before it’s my husband’s birthday, and I have not bought him a gift yet. I have not bought my husband a gift yet. I. Have. Not. Bought. My. Husband. His. Birthday. Gift. Yet. Crunch-time! But what do you do? What do you do when you’ve been with him so long and you’ve already bought him all the things he needs? I can’t buy him another cooler or another tent or another barbecue?

Can I? I mean, I’ve been looking at Survival Cooking, which has all sorts of very well written reviews about camping supplies and other outdoor gear, and I just have to say that I’ve already bought him older versions of all of the things that are the top rated things. And all of the top-rated things say that they last forever, so what’s the purpose of buying a replacement after only 10 years or 5 years or two years? There isn’t one. So, I’m thinking about calling a completely different route. I am thinking about buying him a very nice watch– been looking at the best watches under 500. Now, I have to preface this, he has never asked for a walk before, or even showing that much visible appreciation for watches, but I know that everybody kind of wants a really nice watch, right? It’s not too luxurious to have a nice watch. It’s like, practical and stuff too. And that’s why I think it’s such a good gift for a simple man like my husband. It will make him feel more distinguished, confident, and it also will just let him be on time more often. I know that it doesn’t always like looking at his God damn cell phone, so this will help him tell time in a different way. I think it’s the right idea. But it’s risky! I have never done it before, and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Be At Peace with Yourself

How to be at peace with yourself? Follow these simple suggestions.


Forgive those who have hurt you. Never bury the feeling of hatred. You will not learn to move forward when you are in deep hate with someone. Let go!


Write your thoughts out. Whatever it is, just write them down to relieve you feelings It is a nice stress reliever. For me, I usually write and interview people who are an inspiration. I have interviewed businessmen and entrepreneurs. Last time, I had an opportunity to have an interview with Dave Jenkins who is really inspiring for his great work as a realtor.

Take care of yourself.

Eat. Meditate. Drink lots of water. exercise and travel. Have fun and enjoy life!

Here are some more ways to have peace with yourself:

Make things. Launch a business website. Go shopping/ Go out with you friends. Go on dates/ Be in a relationship. Dance. Go camping. Write novels. Talk to people and meet new ones. Forget and forgive people who have hurt you. Travel more. Learn a new language.