Be At Peace with Yourself

How to be at peace with yourself? Follow these simple suggestions.


Forgive those who have hurt you. Never bury the feeling of hatred. You will not learn to move forward when you are in deep hate with someone. Let go!


Write your thoughts out. Whatever it is, just write them down to relieve you feelings It is a nice stress reliever. For me, I usually write and interview people who are an inspiration. I have interviewed businessmen and entrepreneurs. Last time, I had an opportunity to have an interview with Dave Jenkins who is really inspiring for his great work as a realtor.

Take care of yourself.

Eat. Meditate. Drink lots of water. exercise and travel. Have fun and enjoy life!

Here are some more ways to have peace with yourself:

Make things. Launch a business website. Go shopping/ Go out with you friends. Go on dates/ Be in a relationship. Dance. Go camping. Write novels. Talk to people and meet new ones. Forget and forgive people who have hurt you. Travel more. Learn a new language.

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