Why I Love Shopping with Amazon Prime

Honestly, right now, Amazon Prime Canada is offering a 30-day Prime trial, which is completely free, and you’ll be cancelled at any time, after that, Amazon Prime is only $79 a year, which is very interesting. Honestly, if you are someone who orders a lot of things from Amazon, or anything at all, I really do think that your Amazon Prime membership will end up paying dividends in your life, and creating all sorts of value in places that you never thought there would even be the opportunity for excess value.Now, obviously you’re paying it $79 a year fee, but if you order enough, you start ordering so much value. Like, think about it. That value just keeps accruing, the more that you shop on Amazon Prime, and Amazon Prime makes it so convenient to shop with them. Honestly, there’s nothing that isn’t convenient about it. Rather than going all the way to a store or anything like that, you can have free 2-day shipping, free same day or one day delivery in many areas as well. Not to mention, you get twitch Prime, Amazon Originals which are series that are streamed on their Netflix like service. Honestly there’s just nothing like Amazon Prime Canada on the internet right now, and I am not even over exaggerating. You get early access to Deals, you get deals that you would never get if you want an Amazon Prime member, and you get unlimited photo storage. Rather than just being an online book seller like Amazon used to be, Amazon Prime’s evolving into a one-size-fits-all megashop that is completely based online, and can bring you the goods you need sometimes within a day. Isn’t that amazing.

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