Wearing a protection

I know that there are a lot of methods, I know a lot of people who deal with Crystal healing who believes that you have to locate your chakras and put the crystal to each of those for an immense amount of time, or even a brief amount of time, rubbing the crystal into that specific spot, and that’s not how I do it, but I do know a lot of people who I respect who believe that it should be done that way. The good thing is, that if you are just wearing it on a chain or a necklace, I feel these things happen organically, and you don’t have to make such a big deal out of it. The second that you begin to be very mindful of the fact that you’re trying to heal, I do believe that less healing actually occurs. Beautiful thing about wearing a crystals or some kind of healing necklace or bracelet is that sometimes you are able to forget that you are wearing it, and the healing can just happen organically, because the energy field is B enhanced in such a positive way from the presence of the aura of the healing mineral. In my opinion, there is no debate that chakras exist, and that they should be tapped into, the signs continuously disputes the fact that chakras and energies beyond our comprehension can actually exist. See, I think this is where science falls into ignorance, in an unhealthy way. There is no better way to approach buying Cancer survivor gifts.

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