It’s A Happy Day

I just got promoted as manager in our company. Okay so i have been with the company for almost six years already and I was promoted by our team leader as manager. He announced it last night during our party and I was really shocked to know that somehow they saw my hard work and obedience with company.

As they announced my promotion as manager to our department, my team leader named Rebecca also handed me a gift. When I opened it last night, i was shocked to see a couple of  Zegarki wooden watches with my name and the name of the company on it and I was really happy to receive it. I started with the company as a sales person. I was an agent and I did hit the targets they give me. After two years I was promoted as an executive assistant to the marketing manager and now I am on my way to being the manager. I am really thank you for my boss how saw all the work that I have done in the company. I pride myself for completing jobs tasked for me and the projects I also accomplished. I once accomplished a marketing campaign for some international clients and they were happy with the result, which also led to our company landing more clients due to referrals and their trusts.


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